Soil Management to Optimize Corn Production

pale corn plantNutrient Deficiencies

Key to Nutrient Deficiencies in Corn and Sorghum - CropWatch article,  July 2009
Plant symptoms can be used to differentiate and identify crop nutrient disorders. Symptoms of nutrient deficiency vary with variety, growing conditions, and plant age and similar symptoms may be caused by other abiotic or biotic stresses. Use this key to help identify 7 nutrient disorders observed in Nebraska corn and sorghum.

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Much nitrogen is often applied which needs to be well managed to minimize water contamination: Agricultural Nitrogen Management for Water Quality Protection in the Midwest: a Heartland Regional Water Coordination Publication, RP189 (*PDF 1.85 MB, 32 color pages).

Soil sampling is essential to good nutrient management. Guidelines for Soil Sampling, G1740, (*PDF version, 924 KB 4 pages).

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University of Nebraska Department of Agronomy and Horticulture site for fertilizer recommendations:

Soil Test Nebraska website

Calculate fertilizer recommendations for all crops produced in Nebraska:

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  2. Upload files with test information from analytical laboratories.


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