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Corn Facts

Corn is an economically important crop to Nebraska resulting in $9.1 billion from 9.1 million acres harvested in 2012 according to USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.

  1. Nebraska ranks 3rd in U.S. corn production.
  2. Nebraska ranks 1st in U.S. popcorn production.
  3. Nebraska ranks 1st in U.S. white corn production.
  4. Nebraska ranks 2nd in ethanol production capacity.

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western bean cutworm
western bean cutworm

Using Degree-Days to Predict Western Bean Cutworm Flights June 24, 2016

Accumulated degree-days offer a proven means for estimating when to scout for insects, including the western bean cutworm. Here's how to estimate insect growth and recommended dates to start scouting for WBC at 14 Nebraska sites.

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Corn leaf rolling
Figure 1. One indicator of heat stress is when corn leaves roll in the early morning in areas where there is adequate soil moisture.

Impacts of Extreme Heat Stress and Increased Soil Temperature on Plant Growth and Development June 21, 2016

Both corn and soybean are susceptible to extreme heat (and water) stress during early vegetative stages as well as later critical growth stages (pollination for corn and flowering for soybean). Extreme heat stress can reduce plant photosynthetic and transpiration efficiencies and negatively impact plant root development, which collectively can negatively impact yield. The author recommends that during an extended heat wave (air temperature equal to or greater than 90 F for 7-10 days), applying 0.25-0.40 inch of water can be very beneficial.

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Nitrogen Rescue Treatments in Corn June 17, 2016

When corn is yellow and struggling to get nitrogen, a rescue treatment may be advisable. Research in neighboring states found a rescue treatment could increase yields by an average 34 bu/ac.

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First Generation European Corn Borer Scouting & Treatment June 14, 2016

Growers are noting shot-hole feeding from European corn borer in non-Bt corn. Nebraska Extension offers several resources to monitor moth activity and determine when treatment is necessary.

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Map showing accumulated DD indicating scouting window for common stalk borer

Predicting Stalk Borer Development in Corn June 13, 2016

Based on accumulated degree days, scouting should be underway across the state for common stalk borer in corn.

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