Insect Management

The UNL Department of Entomology provides current, science-based information to meet the needs of clientele throughout the state and region. Our programs are directed at solving pressing insect pest problems and provide improved management recommendations, new insect pest management tools, and education for insect pest related issues.

Nebraska Guide to Insecticides for Field Crops

Excerpted from the most recent Nebraska Extension Guide for Weed, Disease and Insect Management, these insecticide tables cover alfalfa, corn, soybean, and wheat treatments. They are reviewed and updated annually. The full 300+ page guide is available at Nebraska Extension Publications.

Handy Bt Trait Table for US Corn Production

Most corn hybrids planted in the U.S. contain one or more transgenic traits for weed or insect management. The Handy Bt Trait Table, last updated in March 2017, lists trait names and details of trait package. materials, and bag tags.

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western bean cutworm in corn
Figure 1. (left) Western bean cutworm causing feeding damage in corn. (Photo by Jim Kalisch and Silvana Paula-Moraes) (right) A green lacewing beneficial insect eating western bean cutworm eggs. (Photo by Julie Peterson)

Which Bt Traits Do You Need to Purchase? March 24, 2017

When it comes to buying corn seed, one way to save money can be to ensure that you don't invest in GMO insect protection traits that you do not need for your particular farm or field. Which corn rootworm, western bean cutworm, or European corn borer traits do you need? This article can help you determine which of the nine types of Bt proteins might best serve your needs.

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western corn rootworm beetle

Considering Non-Bt Traited Corn in 2017? Plan for More Scouting February 8, 2017

If you're considering planting non-Bt corn this year, entomologists urge you to plan for the additional pest management practices (and associated costs) you may need to adopt, given this decision.

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Japanese beetle
Figure 1. Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) (Photo by Jim Kalisch)

Nebraska Extension Pest of the Month: Japanese Beetle February 1, 2017

Insects are a part of our environment. Most are beneficial, not problematic. In fact, only a small percentage — less than one percent of all insects — are considered pests. However, some pests can be very problematic because they are invasive insects that came here from another country and they came here without their natural predators.

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Western Bean Cutworm: Pest Status & IPM Options January 6, 2017

A USDA-NIFA Outreach Webcast
hosted by the Plant Management Network

(34 min 48 sec)

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Western bean cutworm damaging an ear of corn
Western bean cutworm damaging an ear of corn

Nebraska Perspective on Efficacy of Cry1F Bt Corn Against Western Bean Cutworm October 21, 2016

While entomologists in the Eastern Corn Belt this month reported reduced efficacy of the Cry1f Bt protein against western bean cutworm in corn, Nebraska growers have been facing this for several years. While Cry1F products will still help control other pests, growers are advised to scout for WBC and determine whether treatment is necessary.

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