Youth Crop Lessons / Workshop Ideas

Crop Basics / Uses of Crops Lesson

Planning to Plant Crops Lesson

Resources for Planting Lesson

Soybean Cyst Nematode Lesson

Resources used for SCN Lesson:

Agricultural Water Management / Irrigation Lesson

Resources used for Irrigation Lesson:

On-Farm Research Lesson

Resources for On-Farm Research:

Harvesting Lesson

Resources for Harvesting Lesson:

GPS & Precision Agriculture Lesson

Resources for GPS Lesson:

Introduction to Soils Lesson (Upper Elementary/Middle School Level)

Soil Nutrient Lesson  

Resources for Soils Lessons:

Soil Properties Lesson (High School Level)

Excellence in Ag Sciences Day Soils Presentations

UNL Entomology Lesson Resources

Plant Disease Resources

Integrated Pest Management Lessons/Resources NEW

Interested in Crop Production?

Contact your local extension office and check into the availability of joining a Crop Science Investigation (CSI) program or find out about other resources available.