Solar PV Economic Analysis

Economics of Distributed Solar PV Systems for Homes, Farms, and Buisinesses:

A common question about solar PV "Is solar a good deal?" or "What is the payback?". These questions are more complex than many people realize. Some simple calculations can be done to make rough estimates of payback but accurate values need to account for many variables and assumptions such as estimates of PV production, shading, time value of money, electric rate structures, operations and maintenance, insurance, taxes, and incentives.  The following resources help potential PV owners evaluate systems for thier economic returns. 

Solar Electric Investment Analysis Bulliten Series

Tax Guide for Commercial and Residential Solar -

Solar at Haskell Ag Lab Example 2013-2020

 Web seminar recording which follow the sections of the Bulliten Series (The web seminar was sponsored by North Central Region SARE)  

Part 1: Estimating System Production

Part 2: Assessing System Cost

Part 3: Forecasting The Value Of Electricity

 Part 4: Understanding Incentives

Part 5: Conducting A Financial Analysis

Part 6: Photovoltaic Solar Example