Eastern Nebraska Irrigation Update: Crop ET and Rain Equalize

Eastern Nebraska Irrigation Update: Crop ET and Rain Equalize

August 9, 2011

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Temperatures in the York area were about the same as last week varying from 85° F  to 95° F and averaging 88° F, with the humidity up slight varying from 75 percent to 90 percent, averaging 88 percent for the week. The average temperature in the Mead area was 89° F. Humidity at the Mead site averaged 81% for the week. compared to 88% in the York area.

The ETgage at Mead dropped 1.40 inches while those at York dropped 1.05 inches for the week, slightly down from last week’s drop of 1.50 inches. High temperatures for the week varied from 81° F to nearly 94° F and averaged 88° F in York and 90° F at the ARDC. In the York area we received 1.3 inches of rain for the week while the ARDC near Mead received 2.2 inches.

As expected, the Soil Watermark sensors in the fields being monitored varied from field to field, depending on the rainfall received and whether the fields have been irrigated. For the week we received about the same amount of precipitation as we had crop ET or water use. 

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More Information

Careful monitoring of crop water use can lead to fewer irrigations.  Learn more about irrigation management strategies that save water and dollars at water.unl.edu/cropswater/.

Gary Zoubek
Extension Educator, York County

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Gary Zoubek
Extension Educator, York County


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