Utility Scale Wind

Scientific Literature and Resources 

U.S. Government Resources

Interactive Map of wind development in the nation – US Geological Survey 

Cost of Wind Energy 2020 – National Renewable Energy Lab 

Federal Tax Credit Details – Inflation Reduction act 

Levelized Costs of New Generation Resources in the Annual Energy Outlook 2022

Scientific Literature

Property Values: 

Vyn (2018): Property Value Impacts of Wind Turbines and the Influence of Attitudes toward Wind Energy (Land Economics) 

Wenz et.al., (2024) The visual effect of wind turbines on property values is small and diminishing in space and time (Environmental Sceinces)

Noise and Health:

Davy et al., 2020: A Review of the Potential Impacts of Wind Turbine Noise in the Australian Context, (Acoustics Australia) 

Davy, Burgmeister and Hillman, 2018, Wind turbine sound limits: Current status and recommendations based on mitigating noise annoyance (Applied Acoustics) 

Michaud et al, 2016: Exposure to wind turbine noise: Perceptual responses and reported health effects (Journal of the Acoustic Society of America) 

Hongisto, Oliva, and Keranen, (2017) Indoor noise annoyance due to 3–5 megawatt wind turbines—An exposure–response relationship, (Journal of the Acoustic Society of America) 

Marshall et al., (2023) The Health Effects of 72 hours of simulated wind turbine infrasound: A Double Blind Randomized Crossover Study in Noise Sensitive, Health Adults 

Freiberg et al., 2019 Health effects of wind turbines on humas in residential settings: Results of a scoping review

Mills, (2017): What Windfarms Mean for Local Communities. Conference presentation 

Teneler and Hassoy (2023) Health effects of wind turbines: a review of the literature between 2010-2020

Wind Energy Opposition: 

Susskind et al 2022: Sources of opposition to renewable energy projects in the United States – (Energy Policy) 

Rand and Hoen, (2017): Thirty years of North American wind energy acceptance research: What have we learned? (Energy Research & Social Science) 

Aidun et al, (2022) Opposition to Renewable Energy Facilities in the United State (Sabin Center for Climate Change Law) 


Zhang et al., (2023) Green or not? Environmental challenges from photovoltaic technology

Khalid et al., (2023) Recycling of wind turbine blades through modern recycling technologies: A road to zero waste

Wind and Crops 

Kaffine, (2019) Microclimate effects of wind farms on local crop yields

Iowa State University Research finds wind farms positively impact crops 

Crop Wind Energy Experiment (CWEX): Observations of Surface-Layer, Boundary Layer, and Mesoscale Interactions with a Wind Farm


Energy Information Administration (2023) Federal Financial Interventions and Subsidies in Energy in Fiscal Years 2016–2022

Manjooran, (2013) Clean Energy or Dangerous Skies? Interactions between the wind energy and aerial application industry (Drake Journal of Ag Law)

Nebraska Government Resources

Nebraska Department of Energy and Environment 

International, NGO, and other resources

International Finance Corporation: Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines for Wind Energy 

Landowner Issues

Understanding Wind Energy Leases

Wind development in the upper midwest and how it impacts landowers including lease and easements.  Presented Nov 18th 2009 by the High Plains Extension Energy Team.
Dr. Shannon Farrel - Oklahoma State University

NE wind development map 2021

NE wind development map 2021 image from Nebraska Department of Energy and Environment 

Other Resources

Landowner Resources

Legal Issues for Landowners to Consider in Negotiating Wind Energy Easements - Washburn University 
Evaluating Wind Energy Agreements - Brief Review -2016 - Iowa State University Center for Ag Law and Taxation
Negotiating Wind Energy Property Agreement
- Farmers' Legal Action Group, Inc 
Wind Energy Production: Legal Issues Related Liability Concerns for Landowners in Iowa and Across the Nation - Iowa State University Center for Ag Law and Taxation - Includes sample contract

Nebraska Energy Office - Wind Resources
Landowner Wind Energy Associations: Cornhusker Economics Newsletter

Wind Industry Resources

National Renewable Energy Labaratory
American Wind Energy Association