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Landowner Issues

Understanding Wind Energy Leases

Wind development in the upper midwest and how it impacts landowers including lease and easements.  Presented Nov 18th 2009 by the High Plains Extension Energy Team.
Dr. Shannon Farrel - Oklahoma State University

NE wind development map 2021

NE wind development map 2021 image from Nebraska Department of Energy and Environment 

Other Resources

Landowner Resources

Legal Issues for Landowners to Consider in Negotiating Wind Energy Easements - Washburn University 
Evaluating Wind Energy Agreements - Brief Review -2016 - Iowa State University Center for Ag Law and Taxation
Negotiating Wind Energy Property Agreement
- Farmers' Legal Action Group, Inc 
Wind Energy Production: Legal Issues Related Liability Concerns for Landowners in Iowa and Across the Nation - Iowa State University Center for Ag Law and Taxation - Includes sample contract

Nebraska Energy Office - Wind Resources
Landowner Wind Energy Associations: Cornhusker Economics Newsletter

Wind Industry Resources

National Renewable Energy Labaratory
American Wind Energy Association