Endurance small turbine, photo by John Hay

This Endurance S-343 is a small wind turbine certified to generate approximately 8,910 kwh per year at an average wind speed of 5 m/s. See the list of certified wind turbines here.

Small Wind

Small wind turbines are those turbines under 100 kW in rated capacity. Most small wind turbines are grid connected and connected to the electrical system of a house or business. UNL has more more on Small wind wind and solar on the Sustainable Energy Options Page

Questions to Ask When Considering a Small Wind Turbine

Nebguide #2022, published May 2010.
This publication provides questions to ask before buying a small wind generator system for residential, business, or farm use.
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Physics of Small Wind Turbines

Federal Incentives for Renewable Energy

Two federal incentives exist to help with cost of renewable energy systems:

1) 30% federal tax credit; More information

   a) Important change to the federal tax credit is a certification requirement for small wind turbines to qualify for the tax credit.
        List of qualified small turbines

2) Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) through USDA rural development.
    Eligibility is for agricultural producers and rural businesses.

Other Resources

Small Wind Certification Council - SWCC: An independent certification body, certifies that small wind turbines meet or exceed the requirements of the AWEA small wind turbine performance and safety standard.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

North Carolina Wind Energy at Appalachian State University - Small Wind Research and Demonstration Site

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA): site of the U.S. Wind Trade Group. This comprehensive Web site covers many different aspects of wind energy technology and policy including an extensive section on small wind.

Wind Powering America: A comprehensive site which focuses more on specific groups such as Native Americans, rural communities, and public power.

Windustry: This site is devoted to community wind. Includes many resources for would-be developers and land owners.

DSIRE: This site is a searchable database of state and federal incentives for renewables and efficiency programs

For students with an interest in alternative energies, UNL is now offering an Energy Sciences minor.