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Combines harvesting soybeans photo by John Hay
Soybeans are the #1 feedstock for biodiesel in the US. Internationally, palm oil, canola and other oils are commonly used. (Photo courtesy of John Hay)

Related Resource Links

The following links will take you to a variety of sources that relate to the work we're doing. If you know of something we should add, please contact us.

Livestock and Co-products Feeding | Cropping Systems | Economics | Biodiesel | Ethanol in Nebraska | Biofuels Research | Biomass | U.S. Renewable Energy | Wind Energy |

Livestock and Co-products feeding

UNL Animal Science
UNL Beef Cattle Production Site
Cattle Coproduct Optimizer Decision Evaluator
University of Minnesota Distillers Grains
Iowa Beef Center
KS Grains - Kansas feedgrain industry sites

Cropping Systems

CNMP: Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning — Resources for animal feeders about manure utilization and NDEQ records requirements
Iowa State University Corn Production website
Iowa State University Soybean Production website


Cornhusker Economics


National Biodiesel Board
Biodiesel magazine
Nebraska Soybean Board

Ethanol in Nebraska

Nebraska Ethanol Board
Ethanol Producer Magazine
Nebraska Corn Board
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality - Go to Maps for up-to-date Nebraska ethanol map
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy — Ethanol
Industrial Ag Products Center-UNL

Biofuels Research

Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research—UNL
Bioeconomy Institute - ISU
National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)


Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy — Biomass
Carbohydrate Economy Clearinghouse— organization

Wind Energy

Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy — Wind Resources
American Wind Energy Association
North Carolina Wind Energy at Appalachian State University
Small Wind Certification Council

Youth Wind Energy

Wired for Wind  - Middle School Wind Activity 

Wired for Wind - Wind Physics - High School Wind Activity, Plus Equation Sheet