Interested in Testing Nitrogen Stabilizers on Your Farm?

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Figure 1. Ammonia loss can be significant where the surface applied urea is not timely incorporated.

Interested in Testing Nitrogen Stabilizers on Your Farm?

Nitrogen fertilizer management is challenging due to several factors that influence fertilizer nitrogen once applied to the soil. One of the primary concerns is the potential of fertilizer nitrogen (N) to be lost to the environment either through ammonia (NH3) volatilization, denitrification, or nitrate (NO3) leaching, which leads to reduced nitrogen availability for the crop.  

In situations with a high potential for N loss, the use of N fertilizer stabilizers (nitrification inhibitors, urea inhibitors, slow-release coated fertilizers) may decrease the N loss while protecting the fertilizer N investment. Currently, there are several products of N fertilizer stabilizers in the market. For example, products with known efficacy for inhibiting urease activity are N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) and N-(n-propyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NPPT). These active ingredients are found in products with tradenames of Agrotain (NBPT) and Limus (NBPT and NPPT). There are also other products that contain NBPT, since it is no longer patent-protected. Products with known efficacy for inhibiting nitrification are dicyandiamide (DCD), nitrapyrin, and pronitradine. Nitrapyrin has long been sold as N-Serve and Instinct, and pronitradine has recently come into the market with the tradename Centuro. Nitrapyrin and DCD are not patent protected and may be found in a variety of products.  

Precision Nitrogen Management On-Farm Research Project provides opportunities to test nitrogen inhibitor products on the grower’s farms. Participation in the on-farm trial will allow growers to evaluate the effect of nitrogen fertilizer inhibitors in enhancing nitrogen efficiency and crop yield on their farm. They will work closely with Nebraska Extension to accomplish the project. All cooperating growers will receive compensation for purchasing fertilizer nitrogen inhibitors, their time, and resource commitments.   

Contact Javed Iqbal or Laura Thompson, or your local cropping systems extension educator if you are interested in testing fertilizer N inhibitors. 

More information about the proposed testing can be found at the Precision Nitrogen Management On-Farm Research Project page. 

Additional information about the N fertilizer stabilizers can be found in the articles, “Nitrogen Inhibitors for Improved Fertilizer Use Efficiency,” and “Nitrogen Fertilizer Stabilizers in Corn”. 

Interested in seeing more results from 2020? Make plans to attend the 2021 Nebraska On-Farm Research Results Update Meetings, held in-person and online. 

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