Combining field of shorter soybeans
As of Oct. 20, soybean harvest was 69% complete and corn stood at 28%, both lagging behind the five-year average for harvest progress at this point in the season. See more harvest updates in this week's Crop Report.  (Photo by Paul Jasa)
Oct. 17-24, 2014

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  • Harvest is Ideal Time to Consider On-Farm Research. Are you seeing the increased yields you wanted from new products or practices you implemented this year? Well-designed, on-farm trials can help you get reliable information to objectively value inputs, costs.

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  • View video segments, including an update on recent market movement in corn and soybeans, an ag policy update, post-harvest weed control, and the forecast for the next week. (Oct. 24) New article
  • View video segments, including analysis of the October crop report, an update on a Republican River water appeal; beginning farmer numbers, a biodiesel update, and the forecast for the coming week. (Oct. 17)

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