cover of ag water management guide Irrigation and water management information is housed on the Nebraska Extension website in the Agricultural Production section. Sub-sections include:

Also see the Agricultural Water Management Guide, a Nebraska Extension publication on irrigation management — both why it is used and more importantly, strategies to improve irrigation efficiency.  Also included are definitions of basic irrigation terminology and a brief history of irrigation. This publication is targeted to farmers, crop consultants, agriculture educators, science instructors, students, and anyone interested in increasing their knowledge of irrigation management.

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Center pivot in soybeans
According to 2023 Nebraska survey results, the skill, interest and time of the landlord and tenant engaged in an irrigated cropland lease arrangement strongly influence negotiations for which entity maintains irrigation systems on rented land.

2023 Cash Lease Adjustments for Irrigation Equipment on Cropland

August 30, 2023
Cornhusker Economics experts analyze the impact of irrigation system costs on 2022-23 cropland rental arrangements in Nebraska.

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N Field logo

This Week on N Field: Checking Center Pivot Pressure

August 25, 2023
Recommendations on the cheapest, easiest ways of monitoring water pressure to ensure a center pivot is operating correctly.

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Pivot in field
Irrigating a late season soybean field. (Photo by Steve Melvin)

Optimize Those Last Few Irrigations

August 17, 2023
Leaving the field a little drier at the end of the season can help producers save irrigation costs, decrease leaching losses, improve soil conditions for harvest traffic, save water for future years and capture more off-season precipitation.

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Farmer with tablet near pivot

Irrigation Scheduling Application to Conserve Water Resources

August 9, 2023
UNL researchers are collaborating on the development of a new irrigation scheduling application to optimize the utilization of water resources and predict the accurate amount and time of irrigation water required for crops. 

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Water droplets

The crop water use report is updated weekly. Visit PHREC AgLab for more information.

Estimated Crop Water Use for July 24-30

July 25, 2023
Nebraska Extension Educator Gary Stone weighs in on managing plant stress and water use during higher temperatures this week.

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