UNL CropWatch: April 8, 2011 Agricultural Digging Notification Clarified

UNL CropWatch: April 8, 2011 Agricultural Digging Notification Clarified

April 8, 2011

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A clarification from Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning has put to rest the question of whether farmers need to notify the Diggers Hotline of Nebraska before soil sampling.

“To be clear — farmers, their employees and any third-parties they contract with to do routine soil sampling for agricultural purposes do not need to call the Diggers Hotline prior to taking a soil sample,” Bruning said in a news release. “This is an agricultural state and soil sampling is business as usual. I won’t second-guess the common sense of Nebraska farmers.”

The clarification came just in time for growers conducting spring soil sampling and installing soil water gauges across the state. A bill in the Nebraska Legislature (LB 484) also sought to address the issue of when farmers, crop consultants and others in agribusiness were required to request approval of the intended site before doing any excavating, including soil sampling.

For background, see Jan. 28 CropWatch article. Legislative Hearing Feb. 7 for Bill on Notification of Soil Sampling. LB484 was never advanced out of the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee.

Lisa Jasa
CropWatch Editor



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