UNL CropWatch April 22, 2011: New Resources Available on CropWatch

UNL CropWatch April 22, 2011: New Resources Available on CropWatch

April 22, 2011

Have you checked the other portions of the CropWatch Web Site recently — the crop links listed in the left column of most CropWatch pages? Did you realize that the CropWatch website not only provides you timely news, but it also is your one-stop source for all UNL crop-related information? Check out these new or recently updated features.

  • CropWatch Corn:  Iowa State University has just released its new publication Corn Growth and Development. This is a complete revision of the How a Corn Plant Develops. The publication includes new photos, graphics, and research-based information on today's hybrids. It is no longer available on the Web but can be purchased from ISU. The link is on the corn home and production pages.
  • CropWatch Sorghum: For those of you who missed the Sorghum Profitability Seminars hosted by the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board, the Powerpoint presentations are now on the Sorghum site. Learn more about basic sorghum production, market development, and more.
  • CropWatch Soybeans: The SoyWater online decision aid for irrigating soybeans is linked from the front page of this section.
  • CropWatch Marketing and Economics: The updated 2011 Crop Budgets are available in this section.
  • CropWatch Farm Research: The planting date and planting rate studies as well as Market Journal segments about these studies can be found on the front page of this site.
  • CropWatch Military Resources: This site was developed for Nebraska Agricultural Development Teams that are deploying to Afghanistan to help the farmers there become more sustainable.

These are just a few of the many resources available when you look at the whole CropWatch website. Stay tuned as we highlight portions of this site in upcoming newsletters.

Jenny Rees
UNL Extension Educator, Clay County


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