Corn Insect Pests

Insect Pheromone Trap Reports for 2016
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Handy Bt Trait Table for US Corn Production

Southern Corn Leaf Beetle

southern corn leaf beetle
Description: Adult beetles are about 3/16 of an inch long with a grayish or brownish color pattern. They are usually covered with soil particles, giving them a dusty appearance.
Damage Symptoms: Beetles feed on the edges of leaves and stems, producing notched holes in the leaves.
Incidence: May, on seedling corn.
Sampling Scheme: None available.
Economic Threshold: Use cutworm thresholds to determine the need to treat.

Soil Cutworms

black cutworm

Corn Cutworms, NebGuide 1153
Cutworms — identification of specific cutworms, conditions favoring infestations, potential damage and control.

thumbnail image of cutworm identification image

Corn Flea Beetles

corn flea beelte

Spider Mites

spotted spider mites

Stalk Borer in Corn

stalk borer
Common Stalk Borer in Corn, NebGuide 521
The life history and appearance of common stalk borers is described, along with information on damage they can cause, economic injury levels and ways to control them in corn.

Western Bean Cutworm

Western Bean Cutworm Larva Western Bean Cutworm in Corn and Dry Beans, NebGuide 2013
Western Bean Cutworm Speed Scouting Spreadsheet, EC1585
Scouting and Treating Western Bean Cutworms

Army Worm

Armyworm Identification

Fall Armyworm

Fall Armyworm

Chinch Bugs in Corn

Chinch bugs on corn
Chinch Bug Management, Nebguide G806

White Grubs

White Grubgrub damage

Wireworms and Seedcorn Maggots

wireworm maggotSeedcorm Maggots
  • More wireworm images from Entomology at UNL
  • More seed corn maggot images from Entomology

Corn Ear Worms

corn ear worm

Corn Leaf Aphids

Corn Leaf Aphid
Cereal Aphids NebGuide
Identification and general discussion of the cereal aphid species most commonly found in Nebraska small grains, corn, sorghum and millet.
Description: Small blue/green, usually wingless insects in the whorl and tassel.
Damage Symptoms: Feeds by sucking juices from corn plant; does not inject salivary toxins.
Incidence: Throughout the growing season.
Sampling Scheme: Examine 5 sets of 20 plants during late whorl stage and tassel emergence.

Corn Rootworm: Adults & Larvae

Insects That Feed on Corn Ears, NebGuide 1300. This NebGuide discusses how to identify mature and immature insects that infest and damage ears of corn. Insecticide Recommendations for Corn Rootworms. Left to Right: western, northern, and southern corn rootworm beetles.

Corn Rootworm Adults

Corn Rootworm Larvae

Corn Rootworm Larva
University of Nebraska Field Trial Results Seed treatments, Planting-time treatments, Post-plant or rescue treatments.

European Corn Borer

European Corn Borer Moth
1st Generation European Corn Borer Scouting and Treatment Decisions
2nd Generation European Corn Borer Treatment Decision Worksheet
2nd Generation European Corn Borer Scouting Spreadsheet