4-H & FFA Crop Projects

boys at youth program on crop science

Youth Crop Science Investigation Program

Expose youth to agricultural sciences at an early age and build excitement on topics such as crop production. Crop Science Investigation (CSI) workshops teach various ag science principles through hands-on activities such as how to

  • read watermark sensors,
  • calculate how much irrigation is necessary,
  • help dad decide when to water the fields.

Youth will see and experience not only the technical aspects of cropping systems, but apply those concepts with hands-on activities or projects. Topics taught at each workshop include:

  • crop uses,
  • agronomic-related careers,
  • crop growth,
  • pest management,
  • irrigation management
  • cropping systems,
  • tillage.

Each year returning youth can build upon the information covered from the previous year's sessions.

As a result of the CSI workshop series some participants are now considering a major in agronomy. The need to recharge the ranks of today's retiring farmers with young, forward-thinking ag producers is one of the goals of programs like CSI. Our desire is to attract youth by focusing on the bright future possibilities for agricultural producers and others in related ag careers.

CSI has been held in Nebraska on various dates throughout the year since 2008.

For more information on conducting a CSI workshop or creating your own program, contact UNL Extension Educator Brandy VanDeWalle at bvandewalle2@unl.edu.

Plant Science 4-H Projects

  • Seed germination
  • Learn about planting and cultivating crops
  • Find out more about harvesting and marketing crops
  • Crop management, profitability and safety

boys participating in crop residue activity

two youth participate in field activity

boys participating in crop residue activity