Can We Be Sorry? Navigating Disagreements on the Farm

Man and woman arguing
More often than not, both sides share a role in and a responsibility for escalation of a situation. Offering an apology allows you to accept your role in the situation and work toward a reconciliation. (Center for Ag Profitability photo)

Can We Be Sorry? Navigating Disagreements on the Farm

Far too often, there can be disagreement about a variety of issues on the farm. In certain circumstances, family members even start shouting and yelling at each other. In some cases, the work goes on and the words are ignored or forgotten. But what if the disagreement escalates? Usually both parties have a responsibility for the next step. Can you be sorry?

In the heat of the moment, it is easy to do or say things that we later regret. Stress can cause us to lash out at someone in anger or frustration. Emotions can be even more raw around those we care about, where we feel safe and, consequently, allow our emotions to be more real, often boiling over.

Saying “I’m sorry” is an act all too often overlooked in our daily interactions and there can be many obstacles that keep us from saying these simple words. To learn how to identify and overcome these obstacles, continue reading this article on the Center for Ag Profitability.

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