Introducing the 'Western Bean Cutworm Central' Webpage

Introducing the 'Western Bean Cutworm Central' Webpage

Western bean cutworm eggs
Figure 1. Western bean cutworm eggs (Photo by Jen Bruggeman (@JenniferBruggem) )

We would like to introduce you to Western Bean Cutworm Central. This new webpage is designed to serve as a clearinghouse of information related to western bean cutworm biology, behavior, and management in both corn and dry bean agroecosystems. It includes an introduction to WBC biology and behavior, extension resources, links to related webpages, and publications.

You will also find presentations, research posters, and extension materials from a March 2018 symposium about current knowledge and management tools to combat WBC, including interviews with Nebraska Extension Entomologists Robert Wright and Tom Hunt. The webpage is a “work-in-progress” so please check back often for new and updated material related to managing WBC in corn and dry beans.

If you have questions or comments related to the content on WBC Central, or would like to suggest resources to be added to the webpage, please contact Nebraska Extension Entomologist Julie Peterson ( or Entomology Postdoctoral Associate Katharine Swoboda Bhattarai (

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