Reduce the Cost of Planting Roundup Ready Alfalfa

Reduce the Cost of Planting Roundup Ready Alfalfa

Roundup Ready alfalfa seed can be expensive, but establishing a new field may not cost as much as you think.

With Roundup Ready alfalfa seed costing over $7 per pound, you may want to consider ways to reduce establishment costs. Fortunately, the seed itself can provide much of that help.

Research has shown that most growers can reduce seeding rates by 15%-20% compared to historical seeding rates when planting Roundup Ready alfalfa.  That means if you normally plant 15 lb of seed per acre, with Roundup Ready alfalfa you probably could drop that to 12 lb/acre. That can lower your seed cost by more than $20 per acre.

However, in order to get good stands when using lower seeding rates of Roundup Ready alfalfa, you need to do a good job of following establishment recommendations.

  • Prepare a proper, firm seedbed. 
  • Apply fertilizer and lime as needed according to soil test recommendations. 
  • Use a correctly adjusted drill or seeder that will place the right amount of seed at the right depth. 
  • Plant on time. 
  • Spray Roundup before weeds and alfalfa seedlings get more than about three inches tall.

If you take care of your part of this process, the Roundup system along with a little cooperation from Mother Nature should provide good stands from less seed.


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