Nebraska Extension Crop Reports

Nebraska Extension Crop Reports

Tyler Williams, Extension Educator in Lancaster County: Some areas of the county have gotten rain and some are relatively dry. There's been a lot of field activity with spraying and planting. Soil moisture is decent and seedbeds look good. There were a couple tornadoes in southeast Nebraska last weekend but no injuries or major damage. (4/18)

Ron Seymour, Extension Educator in Adams County: We've gotten some rain, but growers are out planting now, even though soils are a little cool. Our wheat and alfalfa are looking good. (4/18)

Todd Whitney, Extension Educator in Phelps County: We've missed some key rains here. One grower tracking soil moisture use with his cover crop found it used a lot last year, which may become a concern if the area doesn't see enough rains during the season.  (4/18)

Troy Ingram, Extension Educator in Valley, Greeley, Sherman, and Howard Counties: We've gotten rain over several nights and things were pretty wet last week. A lot of burndown herbicides and fertilizer are going on this week and some cover crops have been terminated. This year I'm seeing more cover crops than before being grazed. Only one field in the area has been planted. (4/18)

John Wilson, Extension Educator in Burt County: We had some severe storms with heavy hail and strong winds here last weekend with six or so pivots overturned and 100 head of cattle killed in one feedlot. Farm buildings sustained structural damage.  (4/18)

Wayne Ohnesorg, Extension Educator in Madison County: We also got some of the storm and had some quarter-size hail, but less overall damage. Farmers have been out spraying.  (4/18)

Nathan Mueller, Extension Educator in Dodge County: Yesterday was dry enough people were spraying and cultivating. Oats and alfalfa have been planted, fertilizer is on, and a few corn fields were planted last week. We don't have a lot of winter wheat, but what we have is about jointed.  (4/18)

Keith Jarvi, Extension Educator in Dixon, Wayne, Cedar and Knox Counties: Not a lot of planting yet and rains the last couple of days have slowed field work. A lot of herbicides and fertilizer have gone on and planting will run steady once things dry out a bit. Alfalfa is greening up nicely. (4/18)

Sarah Schlund, Extension Educator in Dawson County:  We had some rain here the end of last week that kept guys out of the field. It sprinkled a little this morning, but only enough to settle the dust. Some oats have been drilled, but I don’t believe too much else has been planted at this point. I know in Buffalo County they had some field peas going in a few weeks ago. Otherwise, guys have their planters sitting out, ready to go. There has been a lot of fieldwork going on in the three county area and we should see a lot of planters moving when we get a few nice, sunny days.  (4/18)

Troy Ingram, Extension Educator serving Greeley, Howard, Sherman and Valley counties: In the past week here in the Extension Central 4 we have had spotty showers and thunderstorms that produced anywhere from 0.25 to 1.75 inches of precipitation.  Those who were on the lighter end are already back in the field.  I have seen some burndown herbicides going down as well as a lot of fertilizer.  There are even some cover crop fields that have been terminated.  A lot of guys are doing dirt work trying to smooth up fields from all the rain we received last summer.  I have only seen one field that was planted as of today.  I am sure that if we get some dry days next week planters will be rolling.  (4/17)

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