Emergency Haying and Grazing Resources

USDA map of counties approved by USDA for emergency haying or grazing

Emergency Haying and Grazing Resources

Emergency Haying and Grazing of Nebraska CRP

Most Nebraska counties have now been approved by USDA for emergency haying or grazing. (Check USDA Emergency Haying and Grazing website for program overview and updates as new counties are added.)

Landowners interested in emergency haying or grazing of CRP acres must contact their local FSA office for details on eligibility requirements and prior to taking any action on CRP acres, according to a news release from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

Haying of Roadside Right-of-Ways in Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) authorizes permitted haying of roadside right-of-ways. Permitted haying is allowed by abutting land owners until July 31, and open to the public for permitted haying beginning August 1. For details on haying roadside right-of-ways and to obtain permits contact the NDOT Maintenance Office in your district.

Hay and Forage Hotline

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture offers a resource for farmers and ranchers looking to buy or sell hay. Sellers can post their information directly to the Hay and Forage Hotline or contact the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at 800-422-6692 for assistance. The list of sellers is updated regularly. 

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