Check SoyCal for Timely Soybean Pest & Management Info

Check SoyCal for Timely Soybean Pest & Management Info

What insects, weeds, and diseases are you apt to be finding in your soybean field this week?

When you check the Nebraska Soybean Management Calendar, you'll find a handy guide to what pests are apt to be in your soybean fields as well as recommended management options now and when you're preparing for the next season. You can also find information from related UNL exploratory research projects to keep you up to date with soybean advances.

If you haven't used the Soybean Management Calendar before, click on the grey "Customize Location" button at the center top of the home page to define your location, planting date, and variety group. SoyCal will then flag your crop's current growth stage.  Click on tabs for "Current Tasks," "Disease Management," "Weed Management" and "Insect Management" and, based on the planting information you provided, SoyCal will recommend tasks to consider and potential pest threats for this specific period.

In early to mid-July keep an eye out for seedling redroot pigweed, common waterhemp, and ivyleaf morningglory, followed soon by emerging marestail and downy brome. On the disease front, this is when a number of diseases get their start. View photos and videos and learn what treatment options may be available at this point in the season.

Concerned about insects? Find out what insect is apt to be active in your soybean field at this point in the season and how to sample and control them. Find information on dectes stem borers, spider mites, bean leaf beetles and watch for articles in CropWatch.

SoyCal - the Soybean Management Calendar was funded by the Nebraska Soybean Board and developed by Josh Miller, a UNL doctoral student in the Doctor of Plant Health and Plant Pathology programs.

Reminder: Midsummer Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic July 13

Want even more information about what you're seeing in the field?  The Midsummer Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic, to be held at UNL's ARDC near Mead, offers hands-on practice identifying pests and updates on other timely topics related to production issues at this point in the season. See full schedule.

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