Wheat Varieties Virtual Tour Updated for 2014

Wheat Varieties Virtual Tour Updated for 2014

Nebraska winter wheat farmers can get research-based information and recommendations on wheat varieties in the UNL Extension website Wheat Varieties Virtual Tour.

The Wheat Varieties Virtual Tour lists wheat varieties best suited to each of five wheat growing regions in Nebraska: Panhandle, west central, south central, southeast, and northeast. The recommendations are based on the three-year average yield from in-field variety trials conducted by UNL.

For each region, there is a table listing the three-year average yields for each recommended variety. More information about each variety can be found on individual pages that describe traits and list seed dealers that sell it in Nebraska.

The Wheat Varieties Virtual Tour site is updated each year in early August with the results from the latest statewide variety testing program. Additional on-line information on wheat varieties can be found at the UNL Variety Testing Page. Contact UNL Extension Specialist Dipak Santra (dsantra2@unl.edu, phone 308-632-1244) with any questions.

David Ostdiek
Extension Communications Specialist, Panhandle REC