West Central Short Course on Corn Stalk Grazing and Baling - UNL CropWatch, Jan. 25, 2013

West Central Short Course on Corn Stalk Grazing and Baling - UNL CropWatch, Jan. 25, 2013

January 25, 2013

Corn stalk grazing and baling will be the focus of this year's UNL West Central Crops and Cattle Short Course. It will be held in North Platte March 12-13 with an optional field day March 21 at the UNL West Central Water Laboratory near Brule.

Each spring researchers at the UNL West Central Research and Extension Center at North Platte identify timely topics and issues that are of great importance to crop and cattle producers and design the short course accordingly.  The course is unique in that it focuses on the integration of crops and livestock, treating them as equally iportant parts of the same business enterprise.

Short Course Curriculum

The curriculum has been specifically designed to provide the most comprehensive information available. Topics include:

  • Weather Forecast for 2013
  • Economics of Grazing and Baling
  • Cattle Performance and Supplementation
  • Stocking Rate Considerations
  • Drought and Forage Production
  • Grazing and Baling Effects on Soil Properties
  • Water Resources and Management

Instructors will include:

  • Dave Boxler, UNL Extension Educator
  • Chuck Burr, UNL Extension Educator
  • AL Dutcher, UNL State Climatologist
  • Rick Funston, UNL Beef Reproductive Physiology Specialist
  • Lowell Sandell, UNL Extension Educator
  • Randy Saner, UNL Extension Educator
  • Tim Shaver, UNL Nutrient Management Specialist
  • Aaron Stalker, UNL Beef Range System Specialist
  • Robert Tigner, UNL Extension Educator
  • Simon Van Donk, UNL Irrigation Management Specialist
  • Jerry Volesky, UNL Range Management Specialist


Registration for individuals is $150  or for groups is $150 for the first person and $50 for each additional person. All educational materials, meals, and the optional field day at Brule are included in the registration fee. Participants are responsible for any travel and lodging expenses.

To register contact Tim Shaver, UNL Nutrient Management Specialist, at tshaver2@unl.edu or (308) 696-6714.

CCA and ARPAS credits are available for the course.

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