Vector Spray App Can Help Reduce Pesticide Drift - UNL CropWatch, April 26, 2013

Vector Spray App Can Help Reduce Pesticide Drift - UNL CropWatch, April 26, 2013

April 26, 2013

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Name of App: Vector Sprays
Developer: U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service
Availability: iPad, iPhone; Android
Cost: Free

Intended Audience: Pesticide applicators, farmers, agronomists, consultants

Purpose of App: To assist pesticide applicators making decisions relating to droplet size and potential for “off-target” movement of pesticides in vector control applications.

Description:  This app was developed by Brad Fritz and Clint Hoffmann, researchers at the Areawide Pest Management Research Unit's Aerial Application Technology group in College Station, Texas. The app uses information generated in the wind tunnels at the USDA-ARS AAT unit. It calculates the size of spray droplets generated from various spray nozzles at various pressures with different spray solutions.

Pesticide applicators can plug in application parameters for their pesticide applications and see what droplet size range will be produced in vector control applications. Once they know the droplet size, they can make inferences on the potential for drift and/or efficacy and adjust their application parameters appropriately.

Fit for Nebraska: This droplet size calculator pertains to every vector control applicator in the US with commonly used hydraulic nozzles. The application allows for rapid assessment of the potential for drift. Applicators who are using nozzles by pressure and application speed and producing a lot of small fines (with a high potential for drift) can use the app to find other combinations which would produce less fines. The application is a unique tool to assess droplet size and drift potential and rapidly transfers what researchers are finding in the lab to how it can be applied in the field.

App Reviewer: Greg Kruger, UNL Cropping Systems Specialist


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