Using SoyWater to Schedule Irrigations and Agronomic Practices - UNL CropWatch, July 12, 2013

Using SoyWater to Schedule Irrigations and Agronomic Practices - UNL CropWatch, July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

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How to Register For and Use UNL SoyWater

Optimize Your Irrigation Application Timing with SoyWater

With soybean irrigation season quickly approaching, this is a good time to start using SoyWater. This easy to use irrigation management tool was developed by UNL to help you schedule your irrigations and other practices for optimal efficiency for the crop growth stage.  Currently, it has 800 users.

SoyWater can help you determine how much water your field needs and when it needs it, eliminating unnecessary irrigation events. An acre-inch of water applied is equivalent to 27,154 gallons of water. Thus, saving one unnecessary one-inch irrigation event could save you 5,424,800 gallons of water on a 200-acre pivot. Moreover, you would also save pumping energy cost and time. Such savings would allow you to optimize your input use efficiency (bushels per acre per inch of water applied or energy used).

You input information about your crop and precipitation events and soywater helps you track crop growth and crop water needs, based on current climate data that's automatically updated daily. Soywater provides easy to follow information in tables and graphs that show growth stage and soil moisture for your field across the season, helping you determine just the right time for irrigation or for pest management practices tied to plant growth stage.

Using SoyWater

It's easy to register for and starting using SoyWater. To get started you'll need to input (and keep a record of) the information listed below. An activation code will then be emailed to you so you can start using it. An earlier CropWatch story  takes you step-by-step through the information entry process.

Jessica Torrion
Research Assistant Professor
Biological Systems Engineering
James Specht
Francis and Dorothy Haskins & Charles E Bessey Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture
Jennifer Rees
Extension Educator


Key Information to Register for SoyWater

Required Information Example Notes and Recommendations

First Name  Jane  SoyWater will remember you!
Last Name  Doe  
Email Address  Use a valid email address. A 4-digit activation code will be sent to you.
Confirm Email Address  
Login Name  jdt123  First, middle, last name initials + 3-digit number (Remember these!)
 Password  4721181 Your home phone number is a good password for easy remembrance, but do not use dashes or spaces in your password.
Confirm Password  4721181