USDA: Sept. 1 Grain Stocks

USDA: Sept. 1 Grain Stocks

Nebraska old crop corn stocks in all positions on September 1, 2014 totaled 141 million bushels, up 77% from 2013, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Of the total, 48.0 million bushels are stored on farms, up 118% from a year ago. Off-farm stocks, at 93.3 million bushels, are up 63% from last year.

Old crop soybeans stored in all positions totaled 6.73 million bushels, down 32% from last year. On-farm stocks of 1.45 million bushels are down 42% from a year ago and off-farm stocks, at 5.28 million bushels, are down 28% from 2013.

Old crop sorghum stored in all positions totaled 1.30 million bushels, up 68% from 2013. On-farm stocks totaled 170,000 bushels and off-farm holdings are 1.13 million.

Wheat stored in all positions totaled 66.3 million bushels, up 31% from a year ago. On-farm stocks of 10.0 million bushels are up 52% from 2013 and off-farm stocks of 56.3 million bushels are up 28% from last year.

Oat stocks on farm are 1.00 million bushels, up 67% from last year.

Sept. 30, 2014 USDA NASS News Release

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