USDA Publishes 2008 County, District Level Cash Rent Data

USDA Publishes 2008 County, District Level Cash Rent Data

Nebraska Ag Land Cash Rent Rates by District and County, 2008. Source: USDA NASS Nebraska Field Office.
Maps link to larger versions on the Nebraska NASS Web site.
Links to District Cash Rent Maps appear below each map.

Dryland Cash Rents by District, 2008

2008 Nebraska Dryland Cropland Cash Rent by District
2008 Irrigated Cropland Cash Rent, Averaged by District
2008 Nebraska Irrigated Cropland Cash Rent Paid by District
2008 Pasture Cash Rents by District
2008 Nebraska Pasture Cash Rent Paid by District

May 8, 2009

Cuming County had the highest cash rental rates in all three ag land categories in 2008, according to data released this week by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). This was the first time NASS published county level cash rent data for ag land.

"These data will provide an important decision-making tool for farmers, ranchers and other landowners," said Joseph Parsons, director of the NASS Nebraska Field Office. "In addition, USDA agencies will have these new data available to help develop and administer important farm programs used by farmers and ranchers."

Highs and Lows by County, 2008

  • Irrigated cropland cash rents ranged from $107/acre in Scotts Bluff County to $192/acre in Cuming County in 2008.
  • Dryland cropland cash rental rates ranged from $34 an acre in Perkins County to $153 an acre in Cuming County.
  • Pasture cash rent rates ranged from $5.90 an acre in Sioux County to $50.50 an acre in Cuming County.

Data was not available for all counties.

Farm Bill Requires County Numbers

Since 1997, NASS has published rental rates at the state level. The agency is providing the county data in response to requests from customers as well as the new requirements of the 2008 Farm Bill.

The information is based on data gathered nationally from 700,000 ag producers in the 2008 end-of-year surveys.

Parsons noted that, "In many counties, we have received enough survey responses to publish reliable county-level estimates. In areas where cash rental arrangements are less common, the estimated rental values are combined with those of neighboring counties within the district."

More Information

The 2008 county-level cash rental rates data are available online at through Quick Stats. Maps of Nebraska district and county cash rents can be found at:

News Release, Nebraska Field Office
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service



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