USDA: Nebraska's 2007 Corn and Soybean Yields At Record Highs

USDA: Nebraska's 2007 Corn and Soybean Yields At Record Highs

September 14, 2007

Based on September 1 conditions, Nebraska's corn crop is forecast at 1.51 billion bushels, 4% above last month and 29% above last year, according to a Sept. 12 report from USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office.

Yield is forecast at 174 bushels per acre, highest on record, 6 bushels above last month, and22 bushels above a year ago. The previous record high yield of 166 bushels per acres was set in2004. Area to be harvested for grain remained at 8.7 million acres, up 12% from a yearago.

"Field counts have indicated a record high plant population and ear count. This combinedwith improved moisture conditions from a year ago have boosted yield prospects," said JosephParsons, Director of the Nebraska Field Office.

Soybean production in Nebraska is forecast at 205 million bushels, up 4% from lastmonth but 18% below last year. Acres for harvest, at 3.95 million, are unchanged from lastmonth and down over 1 million acres from a year ago. Yield is forecast at a record high52 bushels per acre, up 2 bushels per acre from August and 2 bushels above 2006. The previousrecord high of 50.5 bushels per acre was set in 2005. Near record high pods per acre havepushed yield potential.

Sorghum production in Nebraska is forecast at 14.7 million bushels, up 3% fromthe August forecast but down 23% from last year. Acres for harvest, at 150,000, areunchanged and down 38% from the previous year. Yield forecast, at 98 bushels per acre, isup 3 bushels from the previous month, 18 bushels from last year, and equals the record high setin 1994.

Sugarbeet production of 1.04 million tons is up 7% from last month but down 23% from 2006 due to fewer acres planted this year. Yield, at 23.3 tons per acre, is up 1.8 tons from last month and equal to a year ago.