June 12, 2009 

For the week ending June 7, heavy rain fell across much of thestate bringing relief to dryland crops. The wet conditions slowedfieldwork but aided those crops already in the ground.Spring rainfall totals across central and eastern Nebraskaremain well below normal.


Storms produced hail and heavyrain in a few areas causing localized flooding and damaging crops.

Temperatures across the stateaveraged six degrees below normal and ranged from highs inthe upper 80s to lows near 40. Precipitation was widespread.

Corn condition rated 0%very poor, 1% poor, 15% fair, 71% good, and 13% excellent, wellabove last year's 65% good or excellent rating. After acool spring, warmer conditions are needed to boost growthand development.

Soybean condition rated 1% very poor, 1% poor, 20% fair,66% good, and 12% excellent, well above last year's 66%good or excellent condition. About 90% of the soybeans had emerged, almost three weeks ahead of last year's 56% and aweek ahead of the 75% average.

Wheat condition rated 1% very poor, 4% poor, 21% fair,58% good, and 16% excellent, well above last year's 60%good or excellent condition. Wheat headed jumped to86% complete, four days ahead of last year's 75% but nearthe 88% average. Harvest is expected to begin around the firstof July in the southeast and by mid-July in the Panhandle.

Alfalfa conditions rated 1% very poor, 3% poor, 21% fair,61% good, and 14% excellent, near last year's 74% good orexcellent condition. First cutting was 57% complete,well ahead of last year's 17% and near the 55% average.

Oat condition rated 0% very poor, 2% poor, 12% fair,75% good, and 11% excellent, even with last year's 86%good or excellent condition. Oats headed was 37%,ahead of last year's 25% and even with the average.

Sorghum planting was 84% complete, a week ahead oflast year's 62% and three days ahead of the 79% average.About 53% of the sorghum had emerged, ahead of last year's 32% and the49% average.

Dry bean planting was 65% complete, well ahead of lastyear's 33% and the 54% average. Dry beans emerged were at31%, well ahead of last year's 3% and the 13% average.

Proso millet planted was at 27%, ahead of last year's21% but near the 29% average.

Pasture andrange conditions rated 0% very poor, 3% poor, 21% fair,64% good, and 12% excellent, above last year's 73% goodor excellent condition.

Nebraska Field Office
USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service

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