UNL Survey Asks: What Weather and Climate Information Do You Need?

UNL Survey Asks: What Weather and Climate Information Do You Need?

The new Nebraska State Climate Office is seeking input from the state’s agriculture industry—from crop and livestock producers to consultants, agribusiness, schools, and government agencies—regarding how they use climate information and what data and tools they would like to use, if developed.

A short online survey has been developed to gather information and ideas. Responses will be kept confidential and used to guide development of climate resources and programming.

Our team of climatologists and data specialists will be developing information tools to aid decision-making for Nebraska’s agricultural industry. Knowing more about what the state's agriculture industry is currently using and the information they would like to use in the future can help us develop user-friendly tools.

In January 2016 the Nebraska State Climate Office (NSCO) was created in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources to serve as the primary source of climate information for Nebraska. The office manages the Nebraska Mesonet, a statewide network of weather stations, as well as other data resources.

We encourage you to take this survey by March 31 to share your input.

Martha Shulski, State Climatologist
Al Dutcher, Associate State Climatologist
Stonie Cooper, Technical Administrator
Glen Roebke, Mesonet Manager

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