UNL Releases New Pesticide Record-Keeping App - UNL CropWatch, May 24, 2013

UNL Releases New Pesticide Record-Keeping App - UNL CropWatch, May 24, 2013

Editor's Note: The PeRK app has been discontinued and is no longer available. (Dated: Jan. 1, 2022)

For alternative options, view the Pesticide Safety Education Program's recordkeeping resources.

May 24, 2013

PeRK app

Name of App: PeRK  (short for Pesticide Record Keeping)
Developer: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program
Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets
Cost: Free

Intended Audience: Private and commercial/noncommercial pesticide applicators, crop producers, agronomists, and pest management professionals

Purpose of App: To keep electronic records of pesticide applications

Pierce Hansen, who led the development of the pesticide record-keeping app, demonstrates its many features. This video also available in a larger window on YouTube.

Description: UNL Extension’s Pesticide Safety Education Program presents “PeRK” — a free mobile pesticide application recordkeeping app. If applicators spray RUPs (Restricted Use Pesticides), they are required by Nebraska state law to keep records of those applications for three years.

This app is designed to meet all Nebraska state law requirements for RUP pesticide recordkeeping and would be a handy tool for keeping track of all pesticide use from year to year. PeRK uses a device’s GPS coordinates to note location of application. The app records

  • pesticide applied and how much was applied,
  • product application rate,
  • target site and pest(s),
  • date and time of application,
  • temperature,
  • wind speed, and
  • disposal method.

The records are saved and stored within the app on the device and can be exported via email as a .csv file, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel and other common software programs.

Other features in the app include contact information for the UNL Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program and Nebraska Department of Agriculture Pesticide Program, emergency phone numbers, a link to the DriftWatch website, and links to helpful publications.

Fit for Nebraska: PeRK is specifically designed to meet the needs of pesticide applicators in Nebraska, but could also be used by applicators outside of Nebraska.

Pierce Hansen, UNL Extension Assistant for the Pesticide Safety Education Program
UNL PSEP Team: Clyde Ogg, UNL Extension Educator; Erin Bauer, UNL Extension Associate; Jan Hygnstrom, UNL Extension Project Manager


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