UNL CropWatch Nov. 22, 2010: Market Journal: Workshops Aid in Successful Family Farm Transitions

UNL CropWatch Nov. 22, 2010: Market Journal: Workshops Aid in Successful Family Farm Transitions

November 22, 2010

Successful transition of a farm business is based on bringing everyone together to discuss communications and financial planning, says Megan Voss, UNL agricultural economics program director. On this week’s Market Journal she discusses how the upcoming Returning to the Farm workshops can help families do just this.

Tune in to the November 19 Market Journal to learn more about these UNL workshops or access workshop information at http://wia.unl.edu/ReturningtotheFarm

Also on this week’s Market Journal

  • Hog profitability slips — Ron Plain, extension ag economist, University of Missouri, says the large number of hogs coming to market in the last month combined with heavier weights has reduced profit margins from $20 to a negative $5 per hog. Plain says exports have declined but are still strong.
  • Check for soybean cyst nematode — Loren Giesler, Extension plant pathologist, says if your soybean fields looked good, but yields were lower than expected, the cause may be soybean cyst nematode. Learn more about this problem and how to get a free soil analysis from the Nebraska Soybean Board.
  • Nebraska ranks second in process egg production and has a strong poultry industry — Sheila Scheideler, UNL extension poultry specialist, says most egg producers participate in the United Egg Producers’ Quality Assurance Program. Contrary to popular belief, chickens like to be close to each other.

Next week (Nov. 26)

Paul Burgener, UNL extension ag economics analyst, will look at the wheat market; Loren Giesler, UNL extension plant pathologist, will continue his discussion on soybean cyst nematode management practices; and Rick Rasby, UNL extension beef specialist, will discuss winter feeding programs for the beef cow herd.

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