UNL CropWatch Nov. 20, 2009 -- Field Updates

UNL CropWatch Nov. 20, 2009 -- Field Updates

November 20, 2009

Keith Glewen, Extension Educator in Saunders County: As of November 12 most of the soybeans in Saunders County were cut and approximately 60-65% of the corn had been harvested. Three to five hour lines at the elevator are not uncommon. Some growers have started applying anhydrous ammonia.

Corn harvest continued in eastern Nebraska this week.

Corn harvest continued in eastern Nebraska this week as producers rushed to get as much of the crop in before the next spell of rainy, snowy weather.

Douglas Anderson, Extension Educator in Keith, Arthur, and Perkins counties: Corn is still at 20% moisture but harvest is gaining speed as producers want to get it out while the ground is dry enough to drive on. All the bins in the area are full and dryers are running. Sunflowers are also being harvested.

Corn yields have been good with some 100 bu/ac dryland fields and some 200+ bu/ac irrigated fields. Many acres in southern Keith and Perkins area were hailed and, of course, yield less with some dryland fields at 25 bu/ac. Other fields were grazed, rather than combined. We are not wishing for any more moisture in November.

Jim Schneider, UNL Extension Educator in Hamilton County: Corn harvest is 75% complete. If it were not for the bottleneck of drying the grain, we would probably be 95% complete. I hear reports of the corn moisture content being down to 19% now, but the in-field grain drying process seems to stop or slow down at about that point. There is quite a bit of stalk shredding and some fall tillage here.



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