UNL CropWatch May 6, 2011 Ask a Question, Send a Photo. Connect With UNL Crop Experts

UNL CropWatch May 6, 2011 Ask a Question, Send a Photo. Connect With UNL Crop Experts

May 6, 2011

With this week’s CropWatch we’re introducing a new feature — Ask an Expert. Use it to ask a question, send a photo, and connect directly with UNL Extension specialists via the Web or smart phone.

Ask an Expert

When you’re in the field and trying to identify plant damage or a pest, you can take a photo of what you’re describing and send the question to a UNL crops specialist while it’s still fresh in your mind.

To access this new feature, look in the left Navigation column for the eXtension Ask an Expert button. Clicking on this takes you to a form where you can submit a question and attach a photo. Your question will be submitted to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln extension specialist or educator with expertise in the subject area. The specialist/educator will then respond to your question, often within 48 hours. If you want to direct the inquiry to a specific specialist, educator, or CropWatch author, please indicate that in the note and we’ll try to facilitate that.

This interchange is private and won’t appear on the web site or in a CropWatch story.

AaE Notes

  • When submitting your question, provide background information relevant to the question. This might include geographic location, soil type, current crop, cropping history, dryland or irrigated, treatments, tillage, etc. The expert can respond more quickly and more accurately if they have all the facts.
  • If you're accessing a CropWatch story from a Twitter message that uses a short URL, you will only see the CropWatch story and not all the website features, including Ask an Expert.  To access extended features, use the full website at CropWatch.unl.edu
  • If you’re writing from outside Nebraska, you may be referred to an expert in your state.
  • After submitting your question, use the Back button to return to CropWatch.

Ask an Expert is also featured on these UNL Extension websites

This feature was developed by eXtension, a national web of extension information resources. Content is developed by content experts from the nation’s largest and oldest network of universities who work together to write and review information on a number of topics. To learn more, visit eXtension.org

Lisa Jasa
CropWatch Editor

Robert Wright
Extension Entomologist, Lincoln





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