UNL CropWatch March 25, 2011: Market Journal looks at State's Atrazine Use

UNL CropWatch March 25, 2011: Market Journal looks at State's Atrazine Use

March 25, 2011

On this week's Market Journal host Doug Jose talks with UNL Extension Weeds Specialist Mark Bernards about ways to more closely monitor and limit atrazine runoff.  He recommends using a no-till production system and making timely atrazine applications, among the practices. Tyler Weishahn, land resources specialist with the Lower Big Blue NRD, explains which areas in Nebraska the EPA is currently monitoring.

Also on this week's broadcast:

Grain Markets -- Roy Smith, farmer and grain marketing consultant from Plattsmouth, recommends selling any old crop corn in increments on days when the market is up. He also looks at issues affecting the market, including turmoil in the Middle East and the implications of the natural disasters hitting Japan.

Distillers Grains in Cow/Calf Operations -- Aaron Stalker, UNL extension beef range systems specialist, says distillers grains can be fed on the ground, offering cow/calf producers a profitable option.

WaterMark Sensors -- Jason Klein of Klein Sales discusses how WaterMark sensors measure the tension of water in the soil and can be used as an aid in irrigation management.

Temperatures Turn Chilly -- Al Dutcher, Extension state climatologist, says temperatures will be turning colder toward the weekend and notes that some areas of the state are dry and in need of moisture for planting.

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