UNL CropWatch April 15, 2011: Market Journal - Ag Economist Sees Interest Rate Increase

UNL CropWatch April 15, 2011: Market Journal - Ag Economist Sees Interest Rate Increase

April 15, 2011

Market Journal: Ag Economist Recommends Planning for Interest Rate Increases

On this week's Market Journal, host Doug Jose visits with David Kohl, Virginia Tech Unviersity professor emeritus, about the current economic climate in agriculture.  Kohl cites three factors affecting the current economic uncertainty: oil prices, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear crisis, and servicing our national debt.  Kohl, a nationally known farm management specialist, recommends that growers plan for possible interest rate increases this year.

Also on this week's Market Journal:

Not Much Change in Hog Markets — Ron Plain, University of Minnesota ag economist, says the swineherd is remaining stable with little indication that the sow numbers will increase in the near future.

Wind Contracts — Ron Haugen, North Dakota State Unviersity Extension farm management specialist, says if adjacent land owers join togethr for a wind energy project, owners in the grid can receive lease payments even if a tower is not placed on their property.

Financial Farm Management — Kristen Schulte, a Kansas State University graduate student, says a peer group of 8 to 10 operators can be an effective benchmark from which to monitor a farm's financial progress.

Stormy Beginning of Spring — Al Dutcher, UNL state climatologist, says that while most of the state was hit by a strong storm this week, next week will bring milder conditions with the potential for precipitation Tuesday through Thursday.

Next Week

Retirement can be a difficult decision, especially for farmers who have an emotional tie to the land and seasonal activities. On the April 22 Market Journal, discussion will be on the need to plan for management transition and steps to initiate the process to ensure the farming operation remains viable.

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