Typical Field Operations

While the actual field operations used vary by producer, these are the typical field operations used for a corn/soybean rotation (winter wheat for the stubble mulch system).


Tillage System Typical Field Operations
Plow Fall or spring plow, two spring diskings or field culitvations, plant, cultivate
Chisel Fall chisel, one or two spring diskings or field cultivations, plant, cultivate
Disk Fall or spring disk, spring disk and/or field cultivate, plant, cultivate or postemergent spray
Stubble Mulch

Blade plow in summer, one or more shallower operations with wide sweeps or a field cultivator, one or more rod weedings, drill, postemergent spray next spring

Ridge Plant Shred stalks (corn residue only), plant on ridges, cultivate for weed control, rebuild ridges
Strip-till Fall strip-till, spray, plant on cleared strips, postemergent spray as needed
No-till Spray, plant into undisturbed surface, postemergent spray as needed