Soybean Rust Sentinel Plots Being Monitored

Soybean Rust Sentinel Plots Being Monitored

April 24, 2009

U.S. map showing locations of confirmed soybean rust as of April 20, 2009
Figure 1. Distribution of confirmed soybean rust cases as of April 23 are indicated in red. (Source:

While most Nebraska soybean producers have not planted yet, many states to our south have. Field monitoring for soybean rust began almost a month in the southern states along the gulf. This is all part of the national soybean rust sentinel plot network funded through the soybean check off (North Central Soybean Research Program and United Soybean Board) and USDA.

Since soybean rust was first identified in the U.S. in the fall of 2004, early season conditions have not been conducive to disease development. In 2009, however, we are seeing more moisture in the south which could result in a different spread and distribution of the disease than in the previous years. The reality is that we really do not know what is going to happen each year, but knowing where the disease has been confirmed will be critical for producers and farm managers to make treatment decisions.

As part of this detection network, 26 Nebraska locations are being monitored by UNL Extension educators, industry cooperators, and UNL Department of Plant Pathology faculty and staff. To see the current distribution of confirmed soybean rust finds in the U.S. go to UNL's Plant Disease Central Web site also links to this site under the heading for Disease Forecasts.

Loren J. Giesler
Extension Plant Pathologist