Soybean Disease Observations on Nebraska Crop Surveillance Network

Soybean Disease Observations on Nebraska Crop Surveillance Network

Nebraska Crop Surveillance Web site
The Nebraska Crop Surveillance Network includes field observations from 20 counties. Access detailed information by county.


July 10, 2009

Frogeye leaf spot is just starting to show up in some soybean fields. Is it near yours?

To learn more about disease and insect problems in area soybean fields, visit the Nebraska Crop Surveillance Network (NCSN).

This Web site, which was developed to aid crop scouting, includes observations from designated soybean fields in 20 counties. NCSN fields are observed by UNL Extension educators and commercial agricultural professionals.

The site is similar to the national Soybean Rust Web site, but includes all disease and insect information for each location. The sites are the same ones identified as soybean rust sentinel plots for the national soybean rust monitoring program. This year we have 20 counties involved in the network.

Site observations can cover foliar diseases, root and stem rots, bean leaf beetles, and soybean aphids. So far, we have only seen bacterial blight, brown spot, downy mildew, and frogeye leaf spot.

Additional information on soybean diseases can be found on the Plant Disease Central Web site. Additional information on insects can be found on the Department of Entomology's Insect Almanac for Soybean Insects.

Loren Giesler
Extension Plant Pathologist

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