Soybean Aphids Increasing; Entering Critical Period

Soybean Aphids Increasing; Entering Critical Period

August 8, 2008


Soybean growers across the state should be scouting for soybean aphids. Soybean aphid populations continue to increase in Nebraska and quite a few fields in eastern Nebraska have been treated with an insecticide. Growers should scout each field independently to determine the need for treatment.

The next two weeks will be critical for soybean aphid management as weather conditions and soybean growth stage are very favorable for aphid reproduction.

The treatment threshold remains at 250 or more aphids per plant on average. For the next two weeks treating populations above that number will probably provide an economic return.

For more information on soybean aphid scouting, treatment thresholds and damage, as well as photos, see the July 3 CropWatch story: Start Scouting for Soybean Aphids.

Keith Jarvi, IPM Extension Assistant
Northeast REC, Norfolk

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