Soil Temperature Update

Soil temperatures are taken at 4 inches below the soil surface under bare soil. The locations listed in this table are more specific than the table used prior to March 1, 2017. We have included the former location names (AKA=also known as) for your convenience in locating previous sites.

This report is provided daily by the Nebraska State Climate Office. Visit the NSCO and Nebraska Mesonet websites for more detailed local and state climate data.

One-day average soil temperatures
Seven-day average soil temperatures

Left: One-day average soil temperatures. Right: Seven-day average soil temperatures. 

Bare Soil Temperature at 4 inches
Mon, 2024-04-22
Place 7-day Avg 7-day High 7-day Low Midnight Diff between
Bare & Grass
Alda 5NW 55.3°F 69.0°F 44.4°F 57.4°F 0.8°F
Alliance 6NW
(AKA Alliance North)
47.5°F 64.8°F 37.7°F 54.3°F -0.1°F
Arthur 8S 49.8°F 72.4°F 35.7°F 53.4°F -1.2°F
Axtell 5NE
(AKA Minden)
54.9°F 72.6°F 43.5°F 56.8°F -
Big Springs 6SE 51.7°F 63.6°F 41.8°F 54.3°F -0.1°F
Big Springs 8NE
(AKA Brule North Table)
48.9°F 66.0°F 37.1°F 53.2°F -
Broadwater 7N 48.2°F 67.1°F 36.8°F 53.9°F -2.6°F
Bushnell 12SE 48.0°F 63.3°F 37.9°F 52.2°F -1.8°F
Central City 3W
(AKA Central City Airport)
56.5°F 69.2°F 44.6°F 58.2°F -0.8°F
Concord 2E
(AKA Concord)
- - - - -0.8°F
Cook 4SW 58.2°F 71.5°F 45.8°F 59.8°F 1.3°F
Decatur 7S 52.9°F 66.8°F 40.6°F 53.0°F 0.1°F
Dickens 1NE 50.7°F 71.8°F 36.0°F 54.3°F -1.1°F
Eagle 3NW
(AKA Rogers Farm Tower)
59.0°F 75.3°F 44.5°F 58.7°F -
Elgin 6W
(AKA Elgin 6W Beta)
- - - - -
Ellsworth 16NE 48.0°F 69.5°F 37.0°F 55.1°F 0.3°F
Emmet 2E
(AKA O'Neill)
51.5°F 70.8°F 37.4°F 52.7°F -
Enders 10SW 56.5°F 73.4°F 42.6°F 56.3°F -0.6°F
Firth 3N
(AKA Firth)
57.1°F 71.3°F 45.3°F 58.2°F -
Fordyce 4N
(AKA Chalkrock)
48.5°F 67.1°F 34.0°F 49.9°F -
Fordyce 4NW 52.5°F 70.3°F 39.6°F 54.4°F -0.6°F
Gothenburg 2NW
(AKA Gothenburg)
51.1°F 68.6°F 39.5°F 55.1°F -
Guide Rock 3E
(AKA Red Cloud)
56.1°F 71.3°F 45.0°F 59.5°F -
Harrisburg 1N 48.6°F 65.7°F 36.8°F 56.8°F -1.5°F
Harvard 4SW
(AKA Clay Center)
55.1°F 67.6°F 45.0°F 56.1°F -
Hayes Center 3N 54.5°F 73.2°F 41.2°F 56.2°F -1.5°F
Holdrege 5N
(AKA Holdrege 4N)
53.2°F 64.1°F 44.6°F 55.5°F -
Indianola 8SW 56.4°F 73.0°F 44.1°F 58.0°F -1.0°F
Kearney 3E
(AKA Kearney)
53.5°F 72.3°F 40.5°F 54.9°F -
Keystone 4W 51.7°F 68.1°F 39.4°F 54.6°F -0.2°F
Leigh 1W 53.6°F 65.2°F 42.1°F 55.4°F 0.5°F
Lexington 4S
(AKA Lexington 3S)
51.6°F 64.1°F 43.1°F 52.5°F -7.4°F
Lincoln 1500 N 45th
(AKA Lincoln IANR)
57.6°F 74.3°F 43.2°F 49.5°F -11.7°F
Long Pine 20S
(AKA Barta)
59.3°F 77.2°F 46.9°F 62.8°F -
Lynch 2W 53.1°F 67.4°F 42.1°F 54.6°F 0.6°F
Memphis 4N 56.4°F 70.0°F 43.3°F 56.7°F 0.4°F
Memphis 5N
(AKA Mead Agronomy Farm)
54.9°F 65.6°F 45.0°F 56.4°F 2.3°F
Merna 2SW
(AKA Merna)
48.4°F 58.0°F 41.0°F 49.7°F -
Merriman 21S 50.4°F 68.5°F 38.5°F 56.2°F 1.0°F
Naper 12SW
(AKA Higgins Ranch)
- - - - 1.0°F
Naper 2W 49.6°F 60.8°F 39.6°F 51.9°F -1.1°F
Nebraska City 3W 57.5°F 65.6°F 49.4°F 57.6°F 4.2°F
North Platte 3SW
(AKA North Platte 3SW Beta)
51.7°F 67.1°F 40.3°F 54.9°F -0.0°F
Oakland 4W
(AKA Oakland)
52.4°F 64.7°F 41.2°F 53.8°F -
Orchard 10N 51.9°F 62.8°F 42.1°F 54.7°F 1.0°F
Ord 2N
(AKA Ord)
48.0°F 65.6°F 34.1°F 47.9°F -
Oshkosh 6N 49.5°F 68.7°F 37.2°F 54.5°F -1.7°F
Overton 6SE 52.1°F 67.3°F 41.4°F 54.0°F -1.3°F
Pierce 2SW 52.5°F 66.3°F 41.1°F 54.0°F -1.6°F
Plattsmouth 2SE 58.1°F 73.0°F 44.4°F 58.4°F -0.6°F
Rulo 5SW 58.4°F 68.1°F 48.9°F 57.5°F 3.7°F
Scottsbluff 2NW
(AKA Scottsbluff)
49.5°F 62.9°F 39.4°F 56.0°F -
Scottsbluff 6NW
(AKA Mitchell Farms)
49.8°F 62.6°F 40.5°F 55.9°F -
Shelton 2SW
(AKA Shelton)
57.2°F 71.2°F 46.3°F 57.8°F -
Sidney 2NW
(AKA Sidney)
46.8°F 59.8°F 38.8°F 50.9°F -
Smithfield 2E
(AKA Smithfield)
50.8°F 65.0°F 40.6°F 52.8°F -
Valparaiso 6NW 56.4°F 66.3°F 46.3°F 57.7°F 0.7°F
Walton 5NW
(AKA Havelock)
56.3°F 63.0°F 48.6°F 57.2°F -
Whitman 5NE
(AKA Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory)
47.4°F 66.1°F 36.5°F 53.9°F 1.5°F
Wilber 1W 55.3°F 67.2°F 45.3°F 56.0°F 2.5°F
Winslow 6E 52.7°F 60.3°F 43.3°F 52.2°F 1.8°F
Wood River 5SE
(AKA Binfield)
55.6°F 68.3°F 45.0°F 56.0°F -
York 2W
(AKA York)
53.6°F 67.8°F 42.0°F 56.4°F -