Soil Moisture 7-20-2015

Soil Moisture 7-20-2015

Map of Nebraska precipitation July 14-20
Figure 1. Precipitation July 13-19. (Source High Plains Regional Climate Center)
National map showing 7-day precipitation forecast
Figure 2. Precipitation forecast for July 21 – July 28, 2015 (Source: Weather Prediction Center)

Soil Moisture Update

July 20, 2015

Conditions turned drier last week with the soil moisture index for five of the eight sites listsed below decreasing.

Eric Hunt
High Plains Regional Climate Center

Table 1. Average Soil Moisture Index by USDA NASS Crop District. (Districts and EPA Ecoregions Defined) The number in parentheses shows the change from the previous week.
Northwest - 0.9 (-1.2)
North Central 0.5 (-0.6)
Northeast 0.1 (+0.6)
Central -0.3 (+0.7)
East Central 1.9 (-0.6)
Southwest -0.5 (-0.4)
South Central -0.7 (-0.6)
Southeast 1.4 (+0.2)

Soil moisture index

Figure 3. Soil moisture index in the top 0-50 cm of soil.

Nebraska map showing surplus or deficit soil moisture for selected sites.
Figure 4. Surplus or deficit of available water in the top 0-50 cm of soil.


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