Soil Moisture 5-18-15

Soil Moisture 5-18-15

 HPRCC Precip map for Nebraska May 11-17National map of precipitation May 11-17

Figure 1 (left) Precipitation from May 11-17, 2015. (Source: High Plains Regional Climate Center). Figure 2 (right) Precipitation pedicted for May 18-25, 2015. (Source: Weather Prediction Center)

Soil Moisture Update

May 18, 2015

After another relatively wet week, soil moisture is still plentiful across most of the state, though most areas are not as waterlogged as a week ago. The only exception is in a narrow band in central Nebraska from Minden north-northeast to Brunswick where conditions remain dry. McCook and Newport are also on the dry side. However, most of those locations would go into positive index territory with an inch of rain this week, which seems probable for all but perhaps the northernmost locations this week.

Eric Hunt
High Plains Regional Climate Center

The Soil Moisture Index (SMI) (below) is based on the estimated field capacity and wilting point at three depths (10 cm, 25 cm, and 50 cm) at Automated Weather Data Network (AWDN) sites under grass cover. The index may not necessarily be representative of conditions of a nearby field, particularly if differences in total precipitation over the previous week have been significant.  (Both maps link to larger versions.)Soil moisture index May 18, 2015 Soil moisture surplus/deficit

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