Results of the CW Soybean Planting Survey

Results of the CW Soybean Planting Survey

The results are in and we appreciated all who contributed to our soybean planting survey!  A total of 172 respondents answered last week's survey.

When do you currently plant your soybeans? (172 respondents)

  • 50% plant soybeans after they finish planting corn
  • 40% plant late April/First week of May
  • 7% plant mid-May
  • 3% plant mid-late May

Has the yield research presented in UNL's CropWatch suggesting the soybeans should be planted early affected your decision?  (171 respondents)

  • 52% said yes they now plant earlier
  • 31% said no
  • 17% said they plan to plant earlier in the future as a result

What is your current soybean seeding rate?  (171 respondents)

  • 4% over 200,000 seeds/ac
  • 22% said 170,000-200,000 seeds/ac
  • 55% said 140,000-170,000 seeds/ac
  • 19% said 110,000-140,000 seeds/ac

Has the UNL research presented in CropWatch influenced your soybean seeding rate decisions?  (171 Respondents)

  • 53% said yes they have reduced their rates
  • 38% said no
  • 9% said they plan to reduce them in the future

How deep do you currently plant your soybeans?  (172 respondents)

  • Less than 1% said less than 1 inch
  • 16% said 1 inch
  • 48% said 1 - 1.5 inch
  • 36% said 1.5 - 2 inch

Has the research presented in UNL CropWatch influenced your soybean seeding depth decisions?  (172 respondents)

  • 30% said yes they are planting deeper now
  • 51% said no
  • 19% said they plan to plant deeper in the future

Additional Comments

There were only 16 responses to this question.  Most comments fell under the following categories:

  • The research provided verified what they were already doing in their operations.
  • The research provided allowed for changed practices with similar results to what was observed in the research.
  • Sharing in more detail the specific planting dates, populations, depth, and row spacing used.
  • Sharing experiences in which reduced populations or deeper planting depth didn't work for their operations.
  • Desiring more information on planting depth before making a decision to plant as deep as 1.75 inch.


From the survey of those responding, it appears there is a trend toward earlier planting, reducing seeding rates, and planting at least 1 inch deep.  We did not ask respondents their location to determine any differences based on region of the state, country, or world.  Thanks again to all who responded!

Jenny Rees for the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Team

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