Plant Disease Central Web Site Updated

Plant Disease Central Web Site Updated

June 20, 2008

The Plant Disease Central Web site at has been redesigned to provide more information for extension clientele in Nebraska. The most critical issue for profitable management of plant diseases is obtaining a correct diagnosis. In any given year, the question is not whether diseases will occur in Nebraska but rather which diseases will occur and at what incidence and severity.

pdc imageDiagnosis of plant diseases can be difficult in the early stages of disease development. The resources found on Plant Disease Central have been assembled to help users diagnose and manage plant diseases. Resources are divided according to crop (i.e. corn, soybean, etc) and provide information for each disease specific to that crop. A new resource added to the Web site is Management Trials. Results from various disease management trials conducted in Nebraska will be made available in this section.

The site also features a discussion of Disease Forecasting Systems, including forecasts for wheat scab and sugar beet Cercospora forecast. Under this section users also can link to the national Soybean Rust Tracking System (

Users also will find links to UNL's Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic and the Panhandle Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab. These facilities are designed to provide assistance with diagnosis. Correct diagnosis of plant diseases is important when management strategies are being considered.

Amy Ziems, Extension Educator, Plant Pathology
Loren Giesler, Extension Plant Pathologist, Lincoln
Robert Harveson, Extension Plant Pathologist, Panhandle REC, Scottsbluff
Tamra Jackson, Extension Plant Pathologist, Lincoln
Stephen Wegulo, Extension Plant Pathologist, LIncoln

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