Oct. 3 Conference To Help Cattle Producers With International Market

Oct. 3 Conference To Help Cattle Producers With International Market

September 14, 2007

An Oct. 3 satellite conference will help beef producers learn more about raising livestock that can be marketed internationally.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and the Nebraska Beef Council are sponsoring this event. For U.S. beef to be eligible for export to countries like Japan, Korea or those in the European Union, the beef production must be done as part of a Beef Export Verification (BEV) program, said Darrell Mark, UNL livestock marketing specialist and one of the conference organizers.

The verification program establishes rules that differ by exporting countries. Becoming part of a BEV is not difficult, and in many cases this information is worth a significant premium for cattle producers, he said.

This conference will help producers understand the marketing opportunities available and the terminology and programs associated with exports, such as Processed Verified Programs (PVP) and Quality Systems Assessment (QSA) programs. The conference also will examine the potential benefits and costs associated with participating in these programs in order to raise cattle that can be exported internationally.

Nebraska Department of Agriculture Director Greg Ibach said the conference will help producers understand their options.

"The global demand for age-and source-verified animals is growing," Ibach said. "Some basic steps could help producers increase their beef marketing opportunities."

The conference will feature a presentation and question- and answer-session with UNL Extension specialists.

In addition, a spreadsheet will be provided to help assist producers in evaluating how participation in PVP and QSA programs may affect their operation. More information also is available in UNL Extension NebGuide 1637, Beef Export Verification Programs: What Should Cattle Producers Do?. Producers also can access some background by going to http://www.agr.ne.gov/ and clicking on International Beef Market Opportunities.

To find out if a satellite downlink is available in your county, contact a local UNL Extension office.

Sandi Alswager Karstens
IANR News Service