No-till Workshop March 26 in Hastings

No-till Workshop March 26 in Hastings

Adjusting planters for no-till success will be among the topics at a No-till Workshop Wednesday, March 26, in Hastings. The program will focus on topics for producers interested in adopting no-till practices and those wanting to refresh their skills.

The event will be held at the Adams County Fairgrounds, 947 S. Baltimore Ave., beginning with registration at 9 a.m. and ending at 3:30 p.m.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Crop management considerations
  • Soil biology and nutrient management
  • Residue and water management
  • Rainfall effects on soil and residue
  • Rainfall simulator demonstration
  • Demonstrations of no-till planting equipment
  • How to adjust a planter for efficient operation

Benefits of No-till

Every tillage operation costs farmers time, fuel, and equipment wear.. Eliminating tillage can reduce costs and minimize water use as each tillage pass can reduce soil water by 1/2 inch and make the soil more susceptible to wind and water erosion. To make no-till production feasible, farmers can modify their current equipment or buy new equipment that will efficiently plant into an untilled soil surface.  No-till planting equipment, when properly set up, will also allow farmers to plant into extensive residue from a previous crop.


The event is free, but reservations are needed for a meal count.  Please contact the UNL Extension office in Adams County as soon as possible at 402-461-7209 or via email

Ron Seymour
Extensin Educator