Nebraska's 2008 Row Crop Prospects Good

Nebraska's 2008 Row Crop Prospects Good

August 15, 2008

Based on August 1 conditions, Nebraska's corn crop is forecast at 1.43 billion bushels, 3% below last year but still the second highest on record. Area to be harvested forgrain, at 8.75 million acres, is down 5% from a year ago. Yield is forecast at 163 bushels per acre, 3 bushels above last year but 3 bushels below the record high set in 2004.

"Precipitation in many dryland areas has been well above normal, increasing yield potential. This coupled with irrigated corn prospects which are in line with past years have contributed to the overall yield forecast," said Joseph Parsons, director of the Nebraska Field Office.

Soybean production in Nebraska is forecast at 235 million bushels, 23% above last year and third highest on record. Area for harvest, at 4.7 million acres, is up 25% from 2007. Yield isforecast at 50 bushels per acre, down 0.5 bushel from last year's record high.

Nebraska's 2008 winter wheat crop is forecast at 74.8 million bushels, up 5% from last month's forecast but 11% below last year's crop. Area for grain, at 1.7 million acres, is unchanged from last month but 13% below last year. Yield is forecast at 44 bushels per acre, up 2 bushels from last month and 1 bushel above last year.

Sorghum yield is forecast at 91 bushels per acre, down 7 bushels from last year. Production isforecast at 21.8 million bushels, down 7% from a year ago.

Oat yield is forecast at 71 bushels per acre, 3 bushels above last year and equal to the third highest of record. Production of 2.84 million bushels is 19% above last year.

Dry edible bean production is up 5% from last year.

Sugarbeetproduction is down 24% from 2007, a result of fewer acres for harvest and a lower yield than a year ago.

Alfalfa hay production is forecast to be 5% below last year and all other hay production isdown 3%.

Nebraska Field Office
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

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