Nebraska Groundwater Storage Information Online

Nebraska Groundwater Storage Information Online

February 18, 2016
UNL Irrigation Specialist Derrel Martin discusses groundwater level trends in Nebraska and how water levels respond to pumping near streams and that at a distance from streams.

With the release of the Nebraska Statewide Groundwater-Level Monitoring Report last month, now might be a good time to review the factors that impact how water levels change in the local and regional groundwater systems. Extension Irrigation Specialist Derrel Martin summarizes this information in a video presentation shown at right and housed on the Nebraska Extension website, in the Irrigation and Nitrogen Management page.

In Nebraska Irrigation Water Resources Management (Section H), Martin discusses long-term trends in groundwater storage information for the Great Plains Aquifer system. He also talks about water level trends in Nebraska and how water levels respond to pumping near streams and at a distance away from streams. Finally he discusses factors that will impact the long-term availability of water within Nebraska watersheds. Section H also includes a summary of issues associated with Nebraska water resources.

Viewers are also urged to take note of other information on the page. As spring approaches, a broad range of subjects that are covered on the website will become useful for nitrogen and irrigation management.  Videos toward the bottom of the page cover how to collect soil samples for nitrogen management and how to interpret soil analysis results.  Other sections cover information on how to prepare watermark soil water sensors for installation and when and how to install them.

William Kranz
Extension Irrigation Specialist

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